SweetHeart Squad

A gaggle of game-makers making weird stuff in Ottawa.

Party, Darling?

A weird & abrasive sci-fi adventure game

A house party turned multi-dimensional murder mystery. Search for clues in a potentially infinite number of procedurally generated mansions.

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Rip It! Grip It! Sip It!

A single-player side-scrolling exorcism game

Play as punk priest Father Skyler as you rip, grip, and sip some demons out of their unwilling human hosts. Features a homemade punk soundtrack.

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A pixelly plant-watering experience

Forget the turmoil of the outside world and spend your time nurturing your own personal potted piece of paradise. Calm down, and become one with nature.

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A printable procgen game for 2-4 players

Hack into the mainframe and download top-secret files with this printable cyberpunk board game. Generate new characters and abilities every time you play.

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